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by SlowEarth

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CMB A capsule glimpse of the premier (and at times, only) ElectroIndustrial act holding it down in the ATL throughout the 90's. As CAGE, these gents put on some of the most captivating and exhilarating live performances available at the time; a tightrope balance of technical precision, groove, manic energy, and vibrational "otherness" matched by few, even today. A collective dedication to quality, whether in the studio or on stage - this collection is a product of the former. Favorite track: Hallusin8 (1996 EP).
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    - This is a limited quantity re-release of the debut album from the band "CAGE" (who later changed their name to "SLOWEARTH") : Originally released to great critical acclaim in 1996 as an 11 song album - This new double-album (2 CDs with new album artwork) also includes 9 unreleased songs that were written and recorded during the same era.

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Slow Earth 05:12
- SLOW EARTH - Infinity, infinity, where are we, where are we? Just a little planet caught somewhere in time. When we try to find a reason as to why are we all here, we just lose our minds. We can't handle it, that we might be so insignificant, so we pray and we pray, putting faith in something greater than ourselves. Living fast, dying fast on this slow Earth. Sexuality, sexuality, we're all driven by this anomaly, this phenomenality. Reality, reality, is what you make it out to be, it just depends on your priorities. Living fast, dying fast, on this slow Earth. We've got time, we got time, we got plenty of time, on this slow Earth. What is time? There's no time. Just take your little tiny lives and put them in a fucking line. Don't point at me, 'cause you don't wanna know. Don't ask me, 'cause you don't wanna get hurt on this slow Earth.
- SHADES OF GREY - We got all that we need, but that ain't all that we need. Seeing all we can see, but that ain't all we can see. Do you feel the pressure every day? You know all the fears by their name. Oh, all these shades of grey. Oh, can't go every way. Killing all that we have, but it ain't all that we got. Coming up from down low, but do you want it to stop? We're paying full price every day, but nobody cares, about anything.
Control 03:48
- CONTROL - I can see you're fighting, what you do not know. I can tell you're denying, the side of you, you do not show. I'm losing the part of me that keeps control. You got to, got to take control. I lost the part of me that kept control. You know you got to take control. Don't shy away from what you've made. I think you understand. Just take my fury and hold it, feel it, as long as you can. You cut me, you scrape me, you tie me, you rape me.
Take It 03:13
- TAKE IT - Can you, will you, make me feel? Show me how and make me real. It presses down on me, a lasting impression. Never seen, but always there. Oh, what's the way? Do my confessions have to stay here? It's a feeling that's always there. A fire that burns without a care. Twists inside part of me. Take my hand and let me see. Oh, don't let go. Tell me what I want to know. You've got something, something that I need. You give it and I'll take it. You take me where I want to be. You give it and I'll take it.
The Line 04:19
- THE LINE - Eyes of fire, how cold they stare. With so much to see, how can you see? How we change, how we read, do you feel how you feel just to get what you need? Are we on the line? Do we feel, on the line? Are we on the level? Maybe sometimes, maybe never. What can you, will you, do you, do? I could tell you, but you already knew. So we crawl for an alibi, I'll buy yours if you buy mine.
Light Fade 04:07
- LIGHT FADE - Fine line, long time, tough love, soft crime. Confuse. combine, redo, define. They say you gotta believe. They say you got to know. They say you gotta be. They say, they say. Sublime, untie, redo, can't find. The wave, the wake, the flow, the same. Light fade, lines trade. Our world not safe. Our lives not safe. We live not safe. Looking in and looking out, from the other side. Falling down and getting kicked, just because. Killing time and holding fast, isn't there enough? Should I stay or should I go, all I can say is yeah. To leave, believe, and lead away tomorrow. To feel deceived and start again. Fade away. Slowing down, falling down.
Crucify 04:43
- CRUCIFY - I'm looking for a piece of nothing, that goes inside a part of something. I reach inside, I'm pulling, twisting, tearing, sweat runs down my spine. It's nothing that I can relate to, it's nothing that I can even pretend to know. Suffer, suffer, crawling on the ground. When your mind cries, it doesn't make a sound. I can see, I can't see, make me bleed, heal me please. I have been multiplied, I have been crucified. Will you hypnotize, will you cannibalize? I'm feeling tranquilized, I'm feeling terrorized. Have you been inside, have you been all the time? I'm looking for a piece something, that goes inside a part of nothing. I look inside, I'm searching - I can't focus, darkness hits my eyes. It's nothing that I can relate to, it's nothing that I can relate to, it's nothing that I can even pretend to know. Kicking, screaming, beating on the ground, Am I no one? Am I someone?
- WITH EVERY MOVE - Giving it all my time, I can't sleep at night 'cause I don't know why I'm doing anything at all. Giving it all, I'm giving it all to you. Digging in with all your claws. You don't move at all. Don't you need? With every move, I am part of you. Reaching out I'm blind, and then you suck me dry and make me feel like I was never meant to be. Come to me, come to me. Could it be your destiny? Won't you come with me? Don't you need? With every move, I am part of you. Our souls surrender, reality...
Cirrhosis 02:50
- CIRRHOSIS - I'm saving myself for the last time. The bitch is in my head. I'm trying to escape from a past life, but she don't want me to. I don't know where to go. Keep it down, keep it down now don't wanna fall from too high. Kiss the ground, kiss the ground now and ignore all the lies. Drink it down, drink it down now don't think I'm satisfied. I can't stop this self-destruction. I'm turning it up for the last drop She's got me so confused. I say that I'll quit, but I can't stop. Inebriation, it's all that I am living for. I don't calculate I'm the one I hate. Trapped inside a fist. Help me, save me.
Always You 03:20
Runs So Deep 03:31
- RUNS SO DEEP - A touch of light, a lighter touch 'cause maybe we don't need so much. A word to say, come go and stay 'cause maybe we don't know so much. So we play on yesterday, so it won't fade away. Leaning on the other side deciding who would lie and why and fighting all the good intentions, never mention all the apprehension of the notion that we stare too much. Sabotage, our mirage, so we fade away. Shadows are not in color now. Forced flow, is so much harder than you think. Cover the color that I am. Cutting to find it runs so deep. So deep.
- DOWN - I will fantasize, synthesize what I want you to be. I'll make you what you're not, just to satisfy me. I'll take you down. To the deepest part. I'll take you down. To the darkest part. I'll take you down. There are places you'd rather not be. But, sometimes, you gotta go there anyway. I'll take you down.
- TRY - I'm open wide Open wide Soul to feed What you need To believe To touch the sky The sky You know why Never Buy Energize Say goodnight WHY TRY Vaseline In between What you mean? Never seen WHITE LIE In between On your knees Little tease No one sees Sometimes <Try tRy trY to take that away> I'm open wide I left my heart outside Try try try to take that away Run away With a little piece it won't go With a little bit it won't go With a little touch it won't go
- SIN - Driven by fear, not getting any younger. You try to put a price on being real. Did you know that you helped create the monster? Can you smell the rotting of your own ideals? Ignorance, intolerance, and self-destruction. Your life is like a wound that will never heal. You know there's not a fucking thing you can do about it. It's a sin, no doubt about it. You try to live...you can't live without it. You try to give...but you don't want it. Make peace with your god, cause you're never understanding what it means to be a hypocrite. Did you know that you helped create the monster? Can you smell the rotting of your own ideals? You filthy little creature - no self reflection. Sit on your bloated ass and fuck it all. It's what you do best.
- TREMBLE - I feel the hands around my throat. My body trembles from the cold. The thousand voices of a soul. Wish they would tell me where to go. The fear of standing growing old. I never see what I am told. My body shivers, it's cold. This is a shadow that I hold.
I wish it all would end real soon ... this madness we've created. A hurting that will touch us all and we don't even know it. Division from a selfish pride, we reach out, time is stretching... The worst is yet to come - And we go on and on.... It seems our lives are out of touch, a vicious cycle repeating. Instilling fear and mistrust ; all it does our numb our senses. - We're watching what we're going to be. - And it goes on & on


This is a limited-quantity re-release of the debut album from the band CAGE (who later changed their name to SLOWEARTH). Originally released to great critical acclaim in 1996 as an 11-song album - The new double-album (2 CDs with new album artwork) also includes 9 songs that were written and recorded around the same period (1993-1998), but were never released.
- For over a decade, SlowEarth has sustained itself as an industrial rock band with a solid, edgy electronica feel.
This limited edition double-cd is decidedly for the band’s long-time, loyal fans who have been there from the beginning, and who now join the band in their celebration of musical expansion, creativity, and powerful lyrical energy.
Now, finally, all of SlowEarth's new fans can witness the original inspiration…where it all began.
"VAULT" contains all the original industrial rock-heavy pre-SLOWEARTH material, along with 9 previously unreleased tracks from the same era!


released February 20, 2010

Zach Solem - Vocals, Programming, Production
Joe Price - Guitars, Vocals, Production
Ben Thomas - Synthesizers
Rik Robinson - Bass
Richard Farmer - Drums


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SlowEarth Atlanta, Georgia

SlowEarth is an Atlanta, GA. based 4-piece electro-rock band with an engaging and powerful presence and sound. Fusing heavy dance beats, hypnotic melodies, analog synths and a solid rock band with pop sensibilities; SlowEarth has created their own distinctive sound with an explosive energy not to be missed! ... more

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